in memory of

Travis "Tubs" Tyson

On September 21, 2018 Buck Creek Outfitters suffer a tragic  lost with the passing of our Co-founder Travis Tyson. Waking up everyday reminds me of what has been lost as I remember you with fondest thoughts.... The special times we shared and the good times we had are ever so memorable...As a best friend, you are unforgettable...As days go along still my memories of you remain ever so strong...I could never stop missing you..There's no hunting partner quite like you...Without you, nothing is quite the same...You are a soulmate who will never be replaced..You occupied a very special place and left memories that will never be erased..You are dearly loved and missed always.. You were wonderful in every way.. I will cherish all my memories of you and us everyday for the rest of my life..Keep shining your bright in Heaven so you can light my way till we me again in Heaven...